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MSc thesis subject: Does the Shoreface change?

The Dutch coastal line is monitored for at least 50 years by high precision bathymetry. This bathymetry data is called Jarkus.

The shoreface and especially the Nord Sea shoreface of the Dutch Wadden Island is important to protect the hinterland for extreme high sea water levels (surges) in case of extreme storms. A reference level of the Dutch coastline has been defined and is protected by nourishments like sand addition. The shoreface, sea area from coastline to 1100 meters sea inwards, plays a major role in buffing the power of waves. However due the changes of the environment on global scale (sea level rise, changes of currents and meteorological conditions) and of  local scale ( coastal protection management) the shoreface seems to change. What changes could we detect and are these changes critical considering the protective role.


Detection of sea floor/bed changes (slope, orientation, curvature) based on Jarkus time series.

Literature & data

The open data (Jarkus) is available (1965-2015).
Literature as well.

Theme(s): Modelling & visualisation