Student information

MSc thesis subject: Exploring new means of visualizing spatial (temporal) data (joint project with WANDER)

Wageningen Environmental Research is working on the realization of a Visualization Laboratory WANDER (Wageningen lANDscape sEnsory laboRatory). This facility aims to apply state of the art visualizations using data and knowledge from our organization in cooperation with external partners. Working on a full range of spatial-temporal scales in an interdisciplinary approach cutting edge technology is used to provide for immersive experiences that create impact in the outside world.

Visualization will be a game changer in how we present our research results in combination with evidence based narratives.

Currently we are looking for students who want to contribute to this development, possibly in cooperation with external partners to experiment with VR-tools, soft-and hardware.

We have two case studies available 1) development of alternative visualizations of the causes and effects of the nitrogen crisis or 2) innovative visualization of our future nature based spatial planning.


The goal is to explore and evaluate the technical potential of current soft and hardware to create immersive and meaningful visualizations of spatial  data and assess it use, usability and usefulness.

Besides exploring the possibilities and features offered by the modern soft en hardware we also expect an in depth study on modern visualization concepts such a virtual/augmented/mixed realities such as to make grounded choices for the implementation. Basic user tests are expected to evaluate/validate the realized visualizations.

Hardware (workstations, VR-googles etc.) as well as specific technical support might be available for the development of the visualizations in consultation with WENR and the team involved in the set-up of WANDER.


  • Willingness to pioneer and explore new techniques.
  • Affinity with programming visualization software.
  • Creativity and a willingness to think out-of-the-box.
  • Good knowledge of GIS.
  • Programming skills is a pré.

Theme(s): Modelling & visualisation; Human – space interaction