MSc thesis subject: Greening the Grey

In order to increase the livability of urban areas like Amsterdam, an organization called ‘The Healthy City‘ (Dutch: ‘De Gezonde Stad’) invented the idea of ‘small parks around the corner’. Together with local citizens, currently unused ‘grey’ areas will be converted into small green parks.
With this thesis topic, you take this challenge to find out where best to green the city!

Urban areas are nowadays facing more and more the results of climate change. The increase of global temperature especially rises in cities at daytime due to the Urban Heat Island effect. More extreme weather events, like heavier rainfalls, lead to more water flooding in cities as current architecture of the water is not dimensioned for these large water fluxes. With the aim of amongst others; improving the social cohesion the street with activities, improving the local street climate with more green and more future-ready than now. As the idea is actually quite simple, finding the locations for potential small-parks and calculating the impact of it is a challenge.


Exact objectives will be defined together with ‘The Healthy City’ and depend on students interest. But likely the focus is on:

  • Translating the criteria of small-scale parks into a conceptual GIS-based model
  • Find the right geodata and apply the methodology for the Municipality of Amsterdam.
  • Modelling the impact or necessity of small-scale parks in terms of social cohesion, water resistance, urban heat stress and more.

Theme(s): Modelling & visualisation