MSc thesis subject: Mapping vegetation structure on national scale with LiDAR data – creation and validation.

The operational recording of LiDAR data for the whole of the Netherlands opens new possibilities to assess not only the presence of vegetation, but also the vegetation structure. Point density at different levels above the ground surface can be used to characterize different vegetation types. However, there is no clear procedure to this and there is no directly available procedure how to assess the quality of such a classification result.

In this thesis you will develop a procedure to create a vegetation structure map of (part of) the Netherlands, based on publically available airborne LiDAR data. However, this map is useless without a good validation protocol. This can either be based on existing dataset or by a self-designed measurement protocol. The quality of the vegetation structure classification result should be assessed with the acquired reference data.


  • Create a vegetation structure map of (part of) the Netherlands
  • Develop a validation protocol for a vegetation structure map
  • Evaluate the quality of the vegetation structure map.

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring