MSc thesis subject: Real time object-localization over an early stage crop field for precision mapping

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) shipped with on-board sensors have become an effective remote sensing (RS) tool in agriculture. They have been used mainly for image surveying and there are still many helpful aerial RS application to develop. Working with UAV it’s an added valuable point for any professional who wishes to succeed in this competitive market. Herein, you will have the opportunity to work in a novel and ambitious project with UAV applied to the emerging field of Precision agriculture (PA).

Aerial surveying is the acquisition of several image over a surface for building a high-resolution image (ortho). Sometimes the ortho is subject to distortions and irregularities due to GPS poor accuracy, poor imagery and bad environment conditions. The accuracy of the ortho procedure can be improved with ground points, however it requires that marks are put before hand on the ground.


The aim of this thesis is to improve the accuracy of the aerial surveying relying in plot features, such as the crop rows. This will be achieved within the main steps: 1) Review of the state-of-the arte in ortho mosaicking; 2) Design an algorithm to obtain crop row features using computer vision techniques; 3) Design an algorithm for image stitching based in relative positioning 3) Field tests.


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  • UAV enthusiast
  • Willing for learning novel software tools
  • Excited to work in robotics

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring