Mangrove restoration monitoring Java


Mangrove restoration monitoring Java

Wageningen Marine Research is looking for a team of two internship students to monitor mangrove and ecosystem recovery in a larger mangrove restoration project on the Indonesian island of Java, Jan-May 2018.

The aim is to study is firstly to document how mangrove recovery occurs and how it may be influenced by different factors such as propagule (seed) availability and differences in survival and growth rate in different parts of an estuarine system. Secondly, is document how mangrove recovery affects the associated macrobenthic fauna. The work will build upon work already conducted by three prior teams of students under the same project. The project location is in arural area along the coast of Demak, just outside the city of Semarang. The students will work in close cooperation jointly with students and professors from the University of Diponegoro in Semarang. Living conditions will be simple by European standards.


  • Conduct weekly monitoring of propagule abundance by means of a network of specially constructed propagule traps
  • Monitor mangrove growth and survival in a mangrove planting experiment
  • Monitor fish catch composition in the local fishery
  • Study how abundance and species composition of mangrove macro-benthos (gastropods, clams, oysters and crabs) are affected by mangrove stand structure.

Student allowance €200 per month as well as up to €200 towards accommodation expenses. Research costs are covered by Wageningen Marine Research, but not travel.


  • Flexibility and ability to function under challenging conditions
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Coordination skills
  • Basic statistical understanding and skills
  • Good physical health and condition
  • Nationality: Dutch or Indonesian
  • Period (Jan-May 2017; variation possible)