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Mobile tracking and location-based communication

Mobile technology makes it possible to track where people are (GPS, IPS, geofencing), to ask them questions at specific times and locations (i.e., experience sampling) and to provide feedback and information based on these. In the context of a NWO VIDI project we investigate and use these novel technologies to get a better understanding on 1) the food environments individuals are exposed to, 2) how these food environments are perceived and affect food choices, and 3) the opportunities for communication for behaviour change.

There are various possibilities in our group to conduct mobile diary studies to study behaviour in real-life (food) environments, such as supermarket, market or shopping mall. These projects a.o. aim to get insight into degree social, contextual, and intrapersonal factors are influencing these decisions in real-life. We seek to get more insight into the interaction between food temptations and the ability of individuals to deal with temptation and the factors influencing this interaction. For instance, the level of self-control after a long day at work, if people are in a rush, time of day, level of business at the train station etc.

Supervisors: dr. Jorinde Spook (jorinde.spook@wur.nl) or prof. dr. Emely de Vet (emely.devet@wur.nl)