More about Agrosystems Research

A new approach is called for that enables the world to raise the productivity of agriculture in a sustainable manner and increase the resilience of systems to deliver food security, feed, fuel, fibre and other services under current and future climate and resource availability.

This statement of the 3rd Foresight Exercise of the EU Standing Committee on Agricultural Research is precisely what Wageningen Agrosystems Research stands for.


Our research and knowledge-intensive advisory systems are based on agroecology as our main and unifying scientific discipline. Agroecology refers to an integrated, interdisciplinary, even transdisciplinary perspective on studying agronomic systems and land use. Our core business is understanding and quantifying the soil-crop-environment continuum at both the process level and the ecosystem level. We do this by means of experimental design and computer modelling, on-farm testing and implementation in interaction with stakeholders. We are firmly anchored in the Wageningen agricultural research tradition. Our goal is to improve agriculture and land use in The Netherlands, and food security and efficient use of resources worldwide.

Sustainable farming systems

To improve the economic and environmental sustainability of farming systems in The Netherlands, in Europe and worldwide our research portfolio includes:

  • advanced agrosystems, precision agriculture, sensing and robotics, big data
  • recycling and efficient use of nutrients
  • field technology for sustainable crop protection and manure management
  • integrated pest and weed management
  • management of soil organic matter and soil quality
  • dairy farm environmental optimization
  • biomonitoring air quality
  • nature conservation and biodiversity
  • multifunctional land use and care farms
  • carbon footprint and climate-smart agriculture
  • sustainable production of bio-energy crops
  • risks analysis and food security
  • risks analysis and implementation of genetic improved crops

Our science and expertise provides the means to meet the challenges of the future.