Msc thesis subject: Assessing large-scale flooding dynamics with dense Sentinel satellite data

In March 2019 Cyclone Idai led to devastating flooding in Mozambique, and affected more than one million people.

With Sentinel-1 radar, high temporal and spatial resolution radar data are available for the first time free of charge. This offers a unique potential to monitor and assess flooding dynamics at high temporal scale. You will develop a system to monitor flood dynamics using Sentinel-1 data in Google Earth Engine and assess the dynamics of the 2019 Mozambique flood. You may also integrate optical Sentinel-2 data and validate your results with Planet labs data.


  • Assess the potential of dense Sentinel-1 data to map flood dynamics
  • Develop a system to map floodings using Sentinel-1 data in Google Earth Engine


  • E.g. Shen et al., 2019 Near-real-time non-obstructed flood inundation mapping using synthetic aperture radar


  • Advanced Earth Observation
  • Geo-scripting

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring, Integrated Land Monitoring