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Msc thesis subject: Using the Riegl VUX-SYS as a flexible mobile mapping platform. Can we reach TLS accuracy?

For a couple of years we are operating the Ricopter LiDAR UAV, with a Riegl VUX-SYS laserscanner mounted underneath. However, there are circumstances where flying a drone is not feasible (built up areas, windmills, poor weather conditions). Therefore, we started experimenting to use the same scanner in a flexible mobile laser scanning setup. This setup has to be further developed and evaluated.

The VUX-SYS mobile laser scanning setup is in an early stage of development. First tests have shown that we can do measurements, but the quality has to be improved. Crucial steps that need to be done are testing and designing different setups to come to an optimal design, setting up a calibration protocol to come to geometrically correct pointsclouds and evaluate the quality of the data in a test environment, e.g. by comparing it to TLS data.


  • Optimize the design of the mobile laser scanning setup
  • Set up a calibration protocol
  • Evaluate the quality of the mobile laser scanning data


  • Affinity with laser scanning

Theme(s): Sensing & measuring