Thesis subject

Multiple Data Science MSc Assignments for the Horticulture Sector

Level: MSc, BSc, internship

Research area/discipline: Software Engineering

Prerequisites: Information Systems for Engineers and Managers (INF31306), Software Engineering, Python

Short description:

This assignment is in collaboration with MPS which aims to develop and promote sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship within the floriculture sector, as well as to improve the image of the horticultural sector. The MPS foundation is the owner of MPS ECAS B.V. This is an autonomous entity in which certification applications are assessed and issued from both MPS certificates and third-party certificates. MPS develops and manages fast, smart and reliable certification schemes that are internationally standard and automated solutions that make sustainability transparent and demonstrable. By combining the sector knowledge with online data, management tools are provided that promote and accelerate sustainability. We proactively share our knowledge, advise and stimulate the sector and support the certification process with (digital) tools. We also connect and inspire parties worldwide in the chain who regard sustainability as their core task and we help growers / growers to communicate clearly and transparently with consumers.

MPS is searching for students who wish to do assignments related to data science. Due to the registration obligation for their certificates lots of data is available; fertilizers, lighting, resource consumption, energy, varieties. Some of the targeted actions are:

  • Set up and present a data policy for a board consisting of various stakeholders from the floriculture sector (including a vision and strategy)
  • Develop an application that can benchmark and thus gain even more customer value
  • Develop a vision of auto-digitization / digitization in, for example, a blockchain of all data relating to plant protection products, etc., which makes physical audits less cumbersome.

MPS can pay an expenses and internship allowance. You may have additional suggestions regarding a potential RQ. The assignment focuses on something concrete that is directly of value for the operation of the company.

The external supervisor will be Mr. Dave Marcus from MPS.

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