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How do I add a favourite?

You can create shortcuts to articles, books and journals. These shortcuts will be listed in 'My Favourites'.

How to create a list of favourites

There are several options:

  • via Browse collections
  1. Select a resource via 'Browse collections'
  2. Go to ‘More info’ and click on Add to 'My Favourites'
  3. The resource is added to your list of shortcuts now, ordered alphabetically per document type (e.g. Article, Journal, Monograph)
  4. You can access the resource via this list now.

  • via any other source that supports our SFX-service (i.e. Scopus, Google Scholar, etc.)
  1. Select an article in, e.g. Scopus
  2. Go to 'Get it' and click on Add to 'My Favourites'
  3. The article will be added to your list of shortcuts.

About My Library

My Library is a collection of services that can be customized to reflect your own personal interests and research needs. The services are freely available for all users of  WUR  Library.

Off-campus access

Additionally, for WUR staff and students, logging in with your WUR account will give you off-campus access to licensed resources, e.g. online books, journals and databases.