New employees

Wageningen Animal Breeding & Genomics is very pleased to introduce its new employees.

Pauline Jéhannet

Position: Researcher
Project: Eel Reproduction Innovation Centre (EELRIC): Vermeerdering van Europese aal. Fase 2.
Period: 01-01-2018 till 01-07-2018

Henri van Kruistum

Position: PhD candidate
Project: How does a placenta evolve? Insights from comparative genome analysis within the livebearing fish family Poeciliidae
Period: 01-01-2018 till 01-01-2022

Marieke Poppe

Position: PhD candidate
Defining resilience in production animals based on sensor data Period: 01-01-2018 till 01-01-2022

Lim Lee

Position: PhD candidate
Project: Optimal use of whole genome sequence data (Breed4Food)
Period: 08-01-2018 till 07-12-2022 

Ibrahim Jibrila

Position: PhD candidate
Project: Utilizing DNA information - Investigating the impact of preselection on bias and accuracy of genomic prediction models (Breed4Food)
Period: 01-02-2018 till 31-01-2022