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New employees

Read about new employees and guest researchers of Wageningen University & Research Animal Breeding & Genomics.

- Latest update: November 2019 -

Farid Aththar

Position: PhD Candidate

Project: Development of an improved breeding scheme to increase salinity tolerance in Tilapia

Period: 12-08-2019 until 12-08-2023

Dries Hulst

Position: PhD candidate (QVE/ABG)

Project: Integrating quantitative epidemiology and quantitative genetics to enhance genetic improvement of animal health

Period: 15-09-2019 until 15-09-2023

Mira Schoon

Position: Researcher

Project: Projects at Centre for Genetic Resources, the Netherlands at Wageningen Livestock Research

Period: 16-09-2019 until 16-09-2020

Marjolein Neuteboom

Position: Project leader of the Animal Cluster of the Centre for Genetic Resources (CGN)

Projects: All projects related to the Gene Bank and conservation of rare Dutch livestock breeds

Period: from 01-09-2019

Pascal Duenk

Position: Postdoctoral researcher

Project: GenoMiX: Utilizing crossbred information to accelerate genetic progress

Period: 01-11-2019 until 31-10-2020

Qitong Huang

Position: PhD candidate

Project: 3-dimensional transportational regulation in mammalian cells and their application in animal breeding

Period: 12-06-2019 until 20-12-2019

Gibbs Kuguru

Position: PhD candidate

Project: A Functional Genomic Characterization of Leucism in Blacktip Reef Sharks

Period: August 2019 until August 2023

Jani de Vos

Position: PhD candidate

Project: Comparative analysis of the functional sequence elements during development in pigs and chickens (GENESWITCH project).

Period: 07-01-2019 until 07-01-2023

Rayner González Prendes

Position: Postdoctoral researcher

Project: OPTIBOV: Genetic Characterization of Cattle Populations for Optimal Performance.

Period: 15-07-2019 until 15-07-2021

Roxann Rikkers

Position: Junior researcher

Projects: Data analyses of colon organoids to improve feed efficiency in pigs & Predicting post-weaning diarrhoea by sampling faeces in the first week of life in piglets

Period: 01-10-2019 until 01-10-2020

Jan Erik Doornweerd

Position: Junior researcher

Projects: B4F-Locomotion, Pilot efficiency, 02 aqua

Period: 01-10-2019 until 01-10-2020

Birgit Gredler-Grandl

Position: Researcher

Project: GenTORE – Genomic management Tools to Optimize Resilience and Efficiency

Period: 01-10-2019 until 30-09-2021