New employees

Read about new employees and guest researchers of Wageningen University & Research Animal Breeding & Genomics.

- Latest update: October 2020 -

Carolina Moitinho de Almeida Pita Barros

Position: Junior researcher

Project: New chromosome level turkey genome

Period: 01-08-2020 until 01-08-2021

Zhuoshi Wang

Position: PhD candidate

Project: SMART systems for automated phenotyping of livestock: Improving social behavior in turkeys

Period: 01-09-2020 until 01-09-2024

Liyan Deng

Position: PhD candidate

Project: Discover candidate gene and non-coding RNA for meat quality trait based on integrative analysis of multiple-omics methods in pigs

Period: 01-09-2020 until 01-09-2024

Marta Gòdia

Position: Postdoctoral researcher

Project: Identification of functional genetic variants in pigs for improved genomic selection ​

Period: 15-10-2020 until 15-04-2023

Rui Shi

Position: PhD candidate

Project: AGD project: Developing sustainable breeding strategies for dairy cattle in China with emphasis on improved resilience

Period: 15-10-2020 until 14-10-2024