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Nudging healthier food choices in practice

Nudges; you may have heard of them. Nudges are small changes in the environment that predictably alter behaviour. For example, a product placed on a shelf at eye level in the supermarket will be bought more often than the same product placed on other shelves. At first sight, nudges seem easy and cheap to implement. However, the question remains whether nudges really hold up to this reputation in real-life circumstances.

Therefore, a study is currently being conducted in football canteens where nudges have been implemented to promote healthy eating. Will the nudges survive the organizational context of the football canteens? Are they still able to alter behaviour in the long run? These are the questions that we want to answer.

If you are interested in the subtle ways in which behaviour can be influenced and how these techniques can best be translated into real-life circumstances, please contact Merije van Rookhuijzen (merije.vanrookhuijzen@wur.nl) to discuss the possibility of writing your Master thesis on this topic. Data will be collected from February until May in football canteens. Please note that data collection will mostly take place on Saturdays.