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One Health and community health in West Africa

One-Health is an overarching term for diseases that transgress different species, most prominently diseases transmitted from animals to humans (zoonoses). Avian flu, Ebola, and Lyme disease are examples of zoonoses. Arguably, vector-diseases, transmitted through an animal host, for example malaria, could also be grouped under the One Health approach.

One Health risks typically display in areas where people live in close contact with animals, either by choice, for example cattle and poultry for food, or by lack of choice, for example disease-transmitting mosquitoes. Finding solutions with and for people is crucial and require locally-specific diagnostics and prevention strategies. There is scope for MSc thesis projects analysing One Health in communities in rural Sierra Leone.

    Starting date flexible
    Preferred language English
    Country Sierra Leone
    Supervisor Harro Maat