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Outdoor psychology and coaching for adults with psychological complaints

Do you want to contribute to an ongoing Science Shop project focusing on outdoor psychology and coaching for adults with psychological complaints? (Three topics)

Evidence supporting the beneficial effects of nature on our health and wellbeing is accumulating. These insights are being used increasingly for the treatment of people with psychological problems, such as outdoor psychology and coaching. On the one hand, using nature as a ‘treatment room’ is suggested to be more effective than receiving treatment indoors, whereas, on the other hand, psychologists and coaches themselves report being more vital and healthy providing treatment outdoors. However, the use of nature in mainstream practices is far from accepted.

We offer three assignments:

  1. Understanding the experiences of clients who participate(d) in outdoor psychology interventions;
  2. Exploring the image of outdoor psychology among key stakeholders in the mainstream healthcare sector, and underlying motivations of outdoor psychologists;
  3. Exploring the motives and practices of outdoor coaches, perceived barriers and opportunities, and experiences of clients who participate(d) in outdoor coaching.

See the project page for more information and the first report based on an Academic Consultancy project: https://www.wur.nl/en/article/Nature-Assisted-Therapies-Nature-as-a-treatment-room-for-adults-with-psychological-complaints.htm

Interested or want to know more about the project? Contact Esther Veen (esther.veen@wur.nl) or Roald Pijpker (roald.pijpker@wur.nl)