Het is tijd om natuurwetenschappelijk onderwijs en natuur- en milieueducatie met elkaar te verbinden, aldus de Wageningse hoogleraar Arjen Wals

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Personally working on global problems

How can citizens, young and old, be actively involved in overwhelming global problems, such as climate change, loss of biodiversity and food security?

When it comes to such big, complex problems, people often doubt whether their actions really make a difference. Wageningen UR researchers are developing new forms of eduction to make people experience that they can really be part of the solution to global issues. Their 'learning by discovery' programme that focuses on greening the neighbourhood for health benefits has already been implemented by schools and residents in the city of Rotterdam. This is how Wageningen UR contributes to the quality of life.

When taught separately, natural sciences and environmental education give a disjointed answer to society's demand for true sustainability. It's time these to schools converged.
Arjen Wals, Hoogleraar Sociaal leren en duurzame ontwikkeling

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