Thesis subject

Perspectives of stakeholders in the policy domains electromagnetic fields (EMF), particulate matter (PM10), and antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

In the ongoing project IRIDIUM is investigated in what way expert perspectives have an influence on policy advice. Besides the experts, that contribute from the scientific domain, other stakeholders have opinions about the way (parts of) the three dossiers should be approached. Within the framework of the strategic programme RIVM2020, the RIVM is very interested in the perspectives of these other stakeholders.

Information about this provides a view on the extent that the policy advice by the RIVM matches the societal debate about the three subjects (EMF, PM10 and ARM). The institute has good experience with the use of Q-methodology to map the perspectives of policy actors. Q-methodology is a quasi-quantitative technique, which uses card sorts to make shared opinions by policy actors explicit. RIVM is looking for a student that, as a part of the IRIDIUM project, will do a graduate research or a research internship on stakeholder perspectives in one of the three dossiers. In this study Q-methodology will be used. This means that the Q-study has to be designed, stakeholders will be asked to participate, data will be analyzed and results will be reported.

Period (start and duration): 6 months

Location: The work is predominantly executed at the own university. In phases of the study in which large amounts of expertise from the RIVM is needed, the student can use a workplace at the RIVM.

Language requirements: Dutch