PhD fellowship ‘Gender-Responsive Innovation in Maize-(and Wheat-)based Agricultural Contexts’

Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands, (Chair Knowledge, Technology and Innovation), together with the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center, CIMMYT, invite interested candidates to apply for a PhD fellowship ‘Gender-Responsive Innovation in Maize-( and Wheat-)based Agricultural Contexts’

Innovation in agriculture and natural resource management is critical to reducing rural poverty, but gender norms and social restrictions often influence the ability of different groups of women – and men – to learn about, participate in and benefit from innovation processes. Yet, how and why this occurs in some circumstances and not others has been poorly understood. In order to address this and improve the capacity of agricultural research and development (AR&D) to design and scale out agricultural innovations that also enable both poor women and men to participate and benefit, a group of social scientists from various international agricultural research centers of the CGIAR initiated GENNOVATE, a qualitative comparative research initiative focused on the interlinkages between gender norms, agency and agricultural innovation processes.  
This PhD project will build on GENNOVATE data collected by the CGIAR research programs on WHEAT and MAIZE and will select specific cases for further in-depth research on the interlinkages between gender norms, agency and agricultural innovation processes. In particular, this PhD project is expected to contribute to developing methods and approaches for catalyzing the integration of ‘good’ gender inclusive practices in maize- and wheat research for development and related agricultural innovation systems work.
Interested candidates are invited to read the full description (see attached) and send in a concept note (see Annex 2 in attachment) with a research plan reflecting their interest. 

The concept note will serve as a preliminary work plan to be further elaborated and specified in the first year of the PhD project together with the supervisors and according to the graduation requirements of Wageningen University and Research.
We are looking for an enthusiastic team player with the following qualifications:

  1.  An excellent academic record in a relevant natural or social science discipline (Masters completed);
  2. Affinity with the integration of gender and social inclusion in agriculture based innovation (references to programs in Annex 1 to full description);
  3. Strong knowledge and skills regarding research design, data collection, analysis, and presentation. Solid knowledge of and experience with qualitative data collection methods and analysis is a requirement, and knowledge and experience with quantitative, and/or spatial-temporal methods are considered additional advantages.
  4. Interest in the interaction between the natural and social sciences; and proven ability to work in (interdisciplinary) scientific teams and collaborate with a range of societal stakeholders  
  5. Strong oral and written communication skills in English, especially regarding academic writing and presentation;
  6. Creative, analytical thinking, open-mindedness and ability to adapt to different socio-cultural and institutional contexts.

NOTE: Applicants will be asked for a ‘Certificate of Proficiency in the English Language’ unless they have a degree from a university in an English-speaking country (TOEFL, British Council or IELTS)
Please submit your application via email to following the instructions in the full description, see especially Annex 2!
Applications have to be received before Sunday 19 February 2017, 24:00 (Amsterdam time zone, UTC+01:00)
Shortlisted candidates for this fellowship will be invited for interviews by late February 2017.
Interviews will be conducted in late February / March 2017, normally via skype.
The interviewed applicants will be informed before 31 March 2017.
For questions you can contact or