Thesis subject

Plant/soil-interactions with Common Ragwort during secondary succession

Within this study we will focus on how different plant species influence each other indirectly by changes in the soil.

We will study this by studying the plant species present around Ragwort (Jacobaea vulgaris, Jakobskruiskruid) and how these species change Ragwort performance. Besides neighboring plant species, also insects present on Ragwort can affect the plants growth. Therefore, we are planning to start a field observation study in which we will map all plant species present around ragwort and the insect interacting with the plant.

Are you interested in doing field work and you have experience with plant and/ or insect species survey, you can email or call for more information.


The field season is from April till September, within this period we will go to the fields for some weeks. Minimal duration: 3 months.