Pop Vriend Seeds

Pop Vriend Seeds is one of the few independent seed breeding companies in the Netherlands. We export our vegetable seeds to over 100 countries worldwide, among which are the United States, China and Russia. Our headquarters is located in Andijk, in the heart of Seed Valley, the Netherlands.

Healthy food for all - Sustainable by nature

We feel a strong responsibility to contribute to one of today’s biggest challenges: to provide a secure source of healthy food for everyone. We work in and with nature every day and respect its laws. By continuously developing high-yielding and disease resistant varieties, we stimulate the (organic) growth of healthy crops worldwide. Today, 40% of our seeds are grown organically. We aim to increase this percentage continuously by breeding fully resistant varieties which are suitable for organic growth. Food crops that are resistant to disease and adapted to new climatic conditions are key to climate resilient and environmentally sustainable agriculture