Thesis subject

Positive stories in times of Corona

Examining intercultural experiences with coping

The coronavirus causes stress for many people and it is interesting to see the different ways in which people respond to this difficult situation. In the media many positive stories are spread in which people help each other and share creative ideas for problems that arise during the crisis.

In this project, we collect positive corona stories from around the world (e.g. Latin America, China, Europe) to examine how people cope with the crisis in a positive way. We collaborate with Cross Cultural Bridges, an organisation that supports and implements initiatives for cross-cultural learning across the globe. In this specific project we aim to identify how resilience can be strengthened and what we can learn from stories around the world on the cultural differences in resilience.

This project is a collaboration between HSO (supervising chair group) other involved chair groups and Cross Cultural Bridges.

If you interested and want to know more about this project please contact Caro-Lynn Verbaan ( to discuss the possibilities (include in the CC).

Duration: 6 months
Language: English

Start Date: September 2020