Poster presentation thesis and internship in Tihany - Hongarije

Last summer, a Msc Forest and Nature conservation student was able to present both her thesis and internship results at an international student conference in Tihany, Hungary.

‘The conference was for me the first occasion where I publicly presented results of my own research.’ The topic of the research was the tree line expansion in the subarctic. The audience consisted of 30 students as well as Hungarian professors, professors from Cambridge University and the old Director General of the International Union for the Conservation for Nature: Julia Marton-Lefevre. As being half-Hungarian, she met people from her home country that were like-minded and saw the research they were doing. There were also students from countries as Russia, Bulgaria and England. Next to student presentations, the professors that were at the conference held lectures about their current work and organized a few workshops with case studies. ‘This was my favorite part as it allowed us, the students, to get to know each other and exchange views and it brought us in touch with the professors’ work and daily dilemmas.’

Next to the conference she also had some free time to explore the town and the huge lake Balaton. Wine-tasting with fellow students, a night with Hungarian dances and long discussions over diner. ‘I feel incredibly lucky to have been part of this experience and I had a really great time!’