Eating insects

Achtergronden bij onze advertenties

Protein from mini livestock

The growing world population consumes more and more animal proteins. Insects are an attractive protein source to complement the conventional livestock farming. Wageningen UR researchers have showed that organic residues of breweries can be used as feed for 'mini livestock'. Also, insects are ten times as efficient as cows in turning food into high value proteins.

This week, hundreds of scientists, policy makers and entrepreneurs from over forty countries were in The Netherlands to discuss the possibilities to use insects to feed the world. The conference was organised by Wageningen UR and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Food and nutrition security for the rapidly growing world population is a complex challenge that requires multiple solutions. Insects, a sustainable source of animal protein, could contribute to this solution. With targeted investments in research this is attainable.
Marcel Dicke, Professor of Entomology

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