Quick Library Tours

Several Wageningen UR libraries organise one hour introductory sessions for new library users.

During these sessions you will learn:

  • How to work with our catalogue
  • How to search for literature in the various online resources offered through the Wageningen Digital Library (including Webspirs and online journals)
  • How to locate documents in the library
  • How to or order documents through the library

For more information and registration please contact:

Forum Library
Ms. C. Snijder, senior library assistant. Telephone 0317-482084, e-mail: corry.snijder@wur.nl

Library Applied Plant Research
Ms. P.J.M. van Breda, senior library assistant/head of the Library. Telephone 0252-462118, e-mail: ellen.vanbreda@wur.nl

Leeuwenborch Library
Ms. G. Holmer, senior library assistant. Telephone 0317-483345, e-mail: gerrie.holmer@wur.nl.