Resource efficient production of proteins

Resource efficient production of food, feed and agri-derived biobased products is more than doubling production levels at half the input. Next to improving current production of bulk protein commodities such as oil seed meals, meat, dairy, eggs, fish, etc., we need to secure future protein demands with novel proteins and novel protein sources.

We investigate the possibilities to utilise several of these sources. Some of these sources are truly novel, in the sense that they have not been produced on large scale for food or feed: microalgae, seaweed, duck weed, insects. Several sources are biomass side streams that are currently underutilised, such as sugar beet leaves and grass. Our research competence is in production and agronomics of the raw material sources, genomic information, protein profiling, functional and nutritional quality assessment, presence of potential allergens and anti-nutritional factors, extraction and biorefinery.