Thesis subject

River flow and snow modelling in the sub-arctic

Climate change in the sub-arctic has been substantial and is predicted to remain substantial in the future. Moreover, arctic and subarctic landscapes are particularly sensitive to temperature change as it may change the freezing and thawing cycles that shape the soils and ecosystems of these landscapes.

Hydrological modelling is crucial to understand the impact temperature increase will have on river flows, which in turn affects landscape evolution via erosion and sedimentation processes. You will setup an hydrological model that specifically includes snowfall and -melt dynamics and permafrost decline for the remote Abisko catchment in Northern Sweden. During a summer field visit you will collect data that helps you develop and parameterize this model. In addition, time series of discharge, precipitation and temperature are available for calibration and validation purposes.

The field survey is planned for July and August of 2014 and will be conducted in cooperation with Stockholm University and ongoing research projects in the Abisko catchment.

Skills: GIS/Modelling skills, preferably knowledge of R.

Students: 1

ECTS:  24 or more

Locations: Abisko, Stockholm and Wageningen

Supervision: Ype van der Velde, and Steve Lyon (Stockholm University).

Period: Fieldwork in July-August period, start March-June.