Room 460: Computer Room

Room 460 is a room with 20 computer work spaces.

Who can use this room? Anyone who is looking for a computer work place.

What is in the room? 20 computer work spaces, one is connected to a beamer.

What are the rules for this room? In this room, the same rules apply as for the rest of the Library. Don’t use your cell phone, don’t talk. Please keep in mind that the Library also uses this room for training sessions. You’ll find the training schedule on the door – make sure the room is available before you enter.

Can I book this room? No, you can not book this room.

Is eating and drinking allowed in the Computer Room? For this room the same rules for eating and drinking apply as for the rest of the library. This means: coffee and tea is allowed, as well as cookies and ready-made sandwiches. Fruit, meals and other food are not allowed.

Please keep the room clean!