Room 464: Discussion Room

Do you want to work with one or two other students on an assignment and do you need to discuss things together? Then you can use room 464: the Discussion Room. In this room (softly) talking in small groups is allowed.

Who can use this room? Small groups of students or PhD’ers who want to discuss things while working together.

Can I book this room?  No, the Discussion Room can not be booked ahead. Just go and see if there’s a place for your group.

When can I use this room?  You can use this room during the Library’s opening hours. However, during exam periods the room will be used for individual (silent) work spaces.

Are there computers in this room? No, there are no computers in this room. But there is WIFI and network connections, so you can bring your own device.

I want to use the whiteboard, where can I get felt-tips? At the lending desk, you can borrow a kit with a wiper and felt-tips in several colours. You have to leave your WUR-card at the lending desk. When you return the kit with all of the contents, you’ll get your WUR-card back.

Is eating and drinking allowed in the Discussion Room? For this room the same rules for eating and drinking apply as for the rest of the library. This means: coffee and tea is allowed, as well as cookies and ready-made sandwiches. Fruit, meals and other food are not allowed.

Please keep the room clean!