Room 466: Very Silent Room

Do you really need to concentrate and do you want as little noise as possible? Then you can use Room 466.

Who can use this room? Anyone who needs a very silent working environment.

What is in the room? 6 working places and a couple of comfortable chairs.

What are the rules for this room? In this room computers and laptops are not allowed. If you want to use a tablet, make sure all sounds and the vibrate mode are switched off.

Can I book this room? No, you can not book this room.

Is eating and drinking allowed in the Very Silent Room? For this room the same rules for eating and drinking apply as for the rest of the library. This means: coffee and tea is allowed, as well as cookies and ready-made sandwiches. Fruit, meals and other food are not allowed. But please don’t disturb your fellow students in the room when you eat or drink.

Please keep the room clean!