Scaling agricultural innovations in Mexico: the what, why and whom of scaling    

CIMMYT wants to embed scaling systematically in its work to improve relevance and quality of activities and to achieve results more efficiently. CIMMYT approaches scaling as a combination of three dimensions: impact that benefits many people, sustainability and systems change. All three need to be approached with a scaling mindset. The scaling team of CIMMYT is seeking a dynamic and self-motivated MSc or PhD student to support the delivery of scaling activities for CRPs MAIZE and WHEAT in the Sustainable Intensification Program (SIP).

Work expectations

The student will work closely with the scaling coordination and other project researchers and implementers. Main activities:

  1. Support the design, facilitation and report of workshops - e.g. use of the Scaling Scan and other tools, as stand-alone trainings, and/or within projects
  2. Contribute to primary and secondary data analysis (e.g. conduct interviews, literature review) and reporting results. 
  3. Develop a research protocol for the analysis of significant impact for scaling.
  4. Participate in the analysis and write up of a paper on scaling of innovations.

Required skills

Proficiency in spoken and written Spanish and English is required. Good facilitation, interview, analysis and writing skills.