Thesis subject

Scenario’s and decision making in Dutch forest- and nature conservation management and policy

The FNP group is involved in the European research project INTEGRAL in which we developed scenarios for the Dutch forest- and nature conservation sector and the case study area Veluwezoom specifically. We invite BSc and MSc students to do a thesis.

Possible thesis topics are: 

  • Effect of scenarios on decision making in forest management. Scenario literature states that scenarios can support mangers in their decision making. In this research you would discuss the scenarios created within the project with Dutch forest managers. In case one of the scenarios would occur, what would they actually do, would they change their management? Or would they change their management plans based on these scenarios? And what conditions might they need (e.g. in terms of resources, support from society, different levels of government or the forestry sector) to bring these changes about?
  • Relation between type of scenario and decision making situation. Literature states that for each different type of decision making situation a certain type of scenario is more appropriate. You could test this focussing on the actors involved in the Dutch forest- and nature conservation sector; in which situation do they actually prefer which type of scenario?

These are just two examples, other topics are possible of course. If you are interested, please get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities.