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Serious games for behaviour change

Video gaming is often discussed in a negative way. It would make youngsters violent or make them game addicts. Consequently, not much light is shed on the potential positive consequences that various games might have for health and well-being.

Games may help to become more active for instance when games need to be played through bodily movement. Or they may help to train cognitive functions thereby improving executive functioning which relates to a number of health outcomes. Within this line of research, we investigate the potential of readily available games for promoting health-related behaviours. These games can be specifically designed for educating purposes (e.g.., King of Foodland evaluated in collaboration with the Nierstichting), or reflect commercially available off-the-shelf games (e.g., Nintendo Wii, X-box Kinect, Tetris). We aim to evaluate the cognitive and behavioural effects of these games.

Supervisors: dr. Jorinde Spook (jorinde.spook@wur.nl) or
prof. dr. Emely de Vet (emely.devet@wur.nl)