Simon Jeffery

Simon is a soil microbial ecologist. His main interests are in ecosystem functioning and in particular how soil organisms drive processes and functions across a range of scales from local to global, with the aim of harnesses them to the benefit of us all in terms of increasing the productivity and sustainability of our use of soils. Much of his research has been focused on understanding the impacts of biochar, a technology inspired by Terra Preta, on soil processes and functions.

Simon worked as a coordinator of the Terra Preta Program from March 2014 until July 2015. During this time Simon helped organised and chair a Terra Preta Program Symposium, in Wageningen in June 2015. The symposium included expert guest speakers and partners of the Terra Preta Program from South America. He also updated and maintained the Terra preta website and was involved in organised group discussion sessions with PhD candidates on papers, potential and published.