Thesis subject

Study behavior and results in the times of corona

During the Corona crisis we are all working or studying from home. This can cause stress to which everyone responds differently.

Since the Intelligent Lockdown started on March 15 in the Netherlands, all educational institutions switched to online lectures. This meant that students had to work more independently, which requires discipline and perseverance. However, this asks a lot from students whom might not all be able to do so.

We are looking for a student who wants to research students’ study behaviour and results. How come some students are thriving during these times (e.g. receive high grades) and others are not (e.g. have to quit or postpone parts oftheir courses)?

If you are interested in this topic, please send an email to Caro-Lynn Verbaan ( or Sabina Super ( Please include in the CC.

Duration: 6 months
Language: English

Start Date: September 2020