Studytrip World Expo Food

Last October, 16 WUR-students visited Rome and Milan for the course concerning ‘Global Food Security Governance’ from the RSO chair group.

In Rome, they visited the committee on World Food Security (CFS), an intergovernmental body addressing global food security governance. At first it was a bit overwhelming due to the huge room filled with at least 100 nationalities, each representing a member country. The committee came together to discuss the voluntary guidelines of attaining global food security, where every country had an equal say in the final formulation. The discussed subjects were water rights, the engagement of youth in agricultural issues and the overall goal to end hunger. ‘Our lectures had prepared us really well for the topics discussed during the meeting and so we were able to follow the discussions and formulate our own vision.’

‘Being able to visit the CFS made me feel more connected to issues concerning food security and aware of ways to achieve food security. Learning this, I feel like, in the future, I too can have a positive impact in this field.’ After the interesting and educational visit to the CFS, the students continued their trip to Milan, where the World EXPO food was held at that moment. The EXPO showed us how different countries perceive the world. Surprisingly, some countries just wanted to show how well they are doing. This was demonstrated by the Russian delegation that mentioned Russia has inexhaustible resources as well as Turkmenistan that showed how they became rich thanks to oil and gas. ‘I think the most important thing we learned here, is that in the quest for food security, the world still has to learn a lot about different perspectives.’