Summer School Green Genetics

Summer School

Summer School Green Genetics

Are you a student? Is the plant breeding world your field of interest? Do terms like green genetics, horticulture & plant breeding sound familiar? Then we invite you to participate in this Summer School! It is free of charge and a great learning experience.

The Dutch plant breeding and propagation industry is an innovative and knowledge intensive industrial branch which has a leading position in the world. Graduates with an education in plant sciences or breeding can start a blooming career in this sector, with many challenges to develop themselves professionally and personally.

Organisator Wageningen Academy

ma 27 augustus 2018 tot vr 31 augustus 2018

Duur 5 days
Setup Campus WUR
Locatie Wageningen
Prijs activity_free
"For everybody, interested in plants, and for everybody, who wants to see how knowledge about plants is used in practice, this Summer School is a must!"
Ties Ausma, participant SSGG15


The sector “Flowers & Food” has been designated as one of the key sectors for innovation in the Dutch economy. It covers horticulture, food production and plant breeding (green genetics). Plant breeding focuses on the production of new varieties in crop plants. New varieties with improved traits like taste, health promoting ingredients, yield, resistance to diseases, resistance to stress conditions, etc. These varieties are the basis for sustainable production of healthy food, food ingredients and non-food products worldwide. More and more, innovative techniques are included in breeding programs: molecular breeding, genomics, DNA sequencing, gene technology. The level of plant science research in The Netherlands is excellent when measured along international standards.

Course objectives

• Learn about the basic topics in plant breeding
• Hear about new promising technologies
• Visit research facilities and laboratories
• Be the special guest of worldwide leading breeding companies

Target audience

• 2nd/ 3rd year Academic Bachelor student
in biology, plant science, agronomy, or a related field.
• 3rd year Professional Bachelor student
(HBO/Fachhochschule/Polytechnic) in agronomy, horticulture, biotechnology, laboratory techniques, applied biology.


A basic knowledge of genetics, statistics, molecular biology, and plant physiology is required. A good understanding of the English language is also necessary.

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"For me, the Summer School Green Genetics was an eye-opening experience. It made me realise just how crucial plant breeding and seed technology actually is for our society, and the sheer amount of work it takes to develop new crop varieties. Never again will I take a vegetable breed that took a decade to develop for granted!"
Merijn Kerstens, participant SSGG16