Thesis subject

Supervision Dik Roth

I am a social anthropologist with a MSc from the University of Amsterdam and a PhD from Wageningen University. Since I came to Wageningen I have been working on the anthropology of law and policy in relation to development interventions and the exploitation and management of natural resources, primarily water and land. After a period of work and research in Indonesia (transmigrant settlement; land and water rights; decentralization and regional autonomy in relation to ethno-religious identification) I became increasingly involved in water issues in South Asia and the Netherlands. I am currently working on peri-urban processes in relation to water conflicts and climate change, flood policies (the Netherlands), conflicts related to oil palm cultivation (PhD, Indonesia), and peri-urban water insecurity (PhD, Kathmandu Valley, Nepal).

Fields of Expertise

  • Anthropology of law
  • Anthropology of policy and development
  • Development studies
  • Natural resources governance and management
  • Land and water rights; flood policies.

Geographical Area

  • South Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • The Netherlands