Thesis subject

Supervision Pieter de Vries

I am Assistant Professor at the SDC group. I have conducted research in Costa Rica (colonization and state-peasant relations), Mexico (caciquismo), French Polynesia (sociomedical effects of nuclear testing and in Perú (cultural construction of community), and Brazil (slum politics and megaprojects/events). Over the years I have become increasingly interested in the emergence of new kinds of (global) subjectivities in marginal or peripheral locations. Issues of power, geopolitics, subjectivity and the transformative (revolutionary) potentialities of unexpected political events are central to my research and teaching.

Fields of Expertise

  •  Cultural Studies
  •  Development Sociology
  •  Political anthropology
  •  Political theory
  •  Peasant Studies
  •  Anthropology of development
  •  Participatory Governance
  •  Conflict Studies
  •  Postcolonial Studies
  •  Development cooperation
  •  Development planning
  •  Development studies
  •  Political economy
  •  Psychoanalysis

Geographical Area

Global South: emphasis on Latin America