Thesis subject

Supervision Stasja Koot

I work as a assistant professor at the SDC group. As an environmental anthropologist I have worked a lot with indigenous peoples, in particular their contemporary involvement in nature conservation and (eco-) tourism. Moreover, I have done some work on people’s online engagement with nature more generally and today my research focuses on a project called Crisis Conservation. Crisis Conservation is a project led by Bram Büscher, focused on the consequences of and responses to the extraction of natural resources and wildlife crime in global highly biodiversity areas. I am also interested in the politics of white belonging at so-called wildlife estates in South Africa.

Fields of Expertise

  • Indigeneity/indigenous people
  • Nature conservation
  • The politics of belonging/autochthony
  • Neoliberal capitalism
  • Philanthrocapitalism
  • Social media and nature conservation
  • Wildlife crime
  • Natural resource extraction
  • Community-Based Natural Resource Managament (CBNRM)
  • Trophy hunting
  • Ontologies/world views
  • (eco)Tourism
  • Autoethnography
  • Paternalism
  • Land dynamics

Geographical Area

  • South Africa
  • Namibia
  • Indonesia