Sustainable shopping cart

Achtergronden bij onze advertenties

Sustainable shopping cart

The product selection in supermarkets could be more sustainable. However, it is no easy task for shoppers to compare products. With The Sustainability Consortium, Wageningen UR researchers have now developed a scientifically based and globally standardised measuring instrument for supermarket products.

More than 1700 suppliers now report on the impact of their products on climate, human rights and animal wellbeing. In response, retailers can make agreements with suppliers for improvements and, in addition to price and quality, give sustainability a place in our decision process. This is how Wageningen UR is working towards improving the quality of life.

This instrument will provide an incentive for parties in the supply chain to increase the sustainability of their products. Thanks to the new tool, suppliers can now be assessed on their sustainability performance, through a globally standardised method. If all Dutch supermarkets implement this, this will result in a system that enables shoppers to measure the sustainability impact of each product in the supermarket. This provides an incentive for each product in the supply chain to become more sustainable.
Koen Boone

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