Symposium Nature for Humanity

In honour of the 15th lustrum of study association WSBV Sylvatica a symposium has been organised in May last year with its theme: ‘Nature for Humanity’.

Four guest speakers were invited to tell about their vision on nature. First, Marjolein Kloek told about creating green work places and the acceleration of revalidation in so-called treatment chambers in the middle of nature. The second lecturer, Matthijs Schouten, had a talk about the link between theatre and experiencing nature.

He told about experiencing wilderness without orientation, like the jungles in Brazil or the unlimited moors in Ireland, in contrast to designed parks. After a break with snacks, drinks and a jazz band the evening was continued with lectures about natural processes and surroundings with its application on increasing the security from ones habitat. Charlotte Floors was one of the lecturers and she talked about the ‘Partners for Resilience’ project, which combines nature development and humanitarian aid. Lastly, Robert Kruijt a Wageningen University alumni told about his project in a refugee camp for Syrian refugees. There he helped diminishing polluted water on the streets between the tents with planting trees.

‘With this symposium we wanted to show what nature can mean to people and how you can take use of this in practice. The subjects of the lecturers had given the participants a broad view on how nature can care for health and security of peple.’