Temperature dependent egg development of North Sea mackerel

Wageningen Marine Research is looking for a student who will collect freshly spawned eggs from adult mackerel and fertilize these, during the North Sea mackerel egg survey at sea. You will follow the development of the eggs for different temperatures. Egg development equations will be developed and with these a recalculation of the North Sea mackerel spawning stock time series from the egg surveys will be recalculated.

In 2017 the North Sea mackerel egg survey will be carried out in May and June. This survey estimates the number of mackerel eggs spawned over the whole spawning season and the fecundity of mackerel. Dividing the number of eggs by fecundity gives an estimate of the female spawning stock biomass for mackerel in the North Sea. Mackerel egg development is dependent on the water temperature. Currently the egg development equations available are based on experiments with western mackerel. As North Sea mackerel is a different stock the egg development might differ.

Practical information

  • Level student: MSc/HBO
  • Starting date: Survey will take place in May and June 2017
  • Duration: 4-6 months
  • Location: Wageningen Marine Research IJmuiden
  • Compensation: to be discussed
  • Blog last survey: Survey mackerel and horse mackerel eggs