The Edible Insect Workshop

The Edible Insect Workshop

Recently RIKILT Wageningen UR hosted a workshop on edible insects. This workshop was organized by the International Insect Centre. Nearly 50 participants from 12 different countries, all over Europe, and even 1 participant from the USA, attended this one-day workshop.

During the day, a variety of presentations was given focusing on all different topics related to rearing and processing insects for feed and food use.

Legal issues and safety of eating insects

RIKILT colleague Ine van der Fels-Klerx presented current legal issues in Europe, as well as evidence from research on the safety of insects. The full program can be found here. The Edible Insect Workshop is a co-production of: Wageningen university, HAS University of Applied Sciences 's-Hertogenbosch and New Generation Nutrition, and sponsored by AgriFood capital and the Province of Noord-Brabant.

The next workshop will be held in the beginning of June. Please follow our website for updates.