Thesis subject

The Frisian Urban Sanitation Programme in Mozambique 2

The Frisian Urban Sanitation Programme with funding from the Dutch government invested in sanitation by constructing more than hundred sanitation blocks at schools and in municipalities.

Sustainability of investments

The constructions (necessity, location) have been discussed with the municipality and schools; in some cases the municipality came responsible for the process of procurement, monitoring and construction. In other situations the Frisian Urban Sanitation Programme had the responsibility for realization of the construction. After finalizing, the constructions will be managed and maintained by the receiving organization. Some people say that when an investment is made by the owner with its’ own funds, maintenance is guaranteed or at least is taken into account. Others say that in a context in which hardly exist funds it doesn’t make a difference; maintenance is neglected and not planned, neither organized. This thesis could make an inventory of different constructions implemented by different actors and compare the maintenance and state of the buildings constructed with funds of the Municipality and with external funding.

The Frisian Sanitation Programme
The frisian sanitation programme is a partnership of 4 dutch organizations working in sanitation in Mozambique.

Start and duration
The start will be in June 2014. The field part of the study should take place before December 2014.

Xai-Xai, Mozambique.

Language requirements
Portuguees (or Spanish) is required.

The student will get a student allowance of the waterboard of Fryslan during stay in Mozambique.