The environmental Impact of an egg grading facility

Internship at Moba, the global leader in egg grading and packing machines, with a worldwide market share of approximately 70%.


Moba is the global leader in egg grading and packing machines, with a worldwide market share of approximately 70%. Our machines sort up to 250.000 eggs per hour, providing protein-rich food to billions of people. Moba is known for its innovative solutions and continuously seeks to improve its machines further.

Topic: Environmental Impact

One of the aspects that we have become interested in is the environmental impact of our machines. This is a new topic for us: Moba never analyzed environmental impact before. However, we increasingly feel a responsibility to take action, and we believe that our customers will be increasingly interested in reducing environmental impact.

Environmental impact is a broad theme. The following aspects can be considered in this

  • Machine material (mainly steel and plastics)
  • Packaging and re-use of installation materials
  • Resource use (electricity, water and detergents)
  • Wasted eggs (breakage in the process)
  • Travel/transport of Moba mechanics and materials during installation
  • End-of-life: Moba purchases back and refurbishes second hand machines, which helps lengthening the life-span of machines. What is the mitigated environmental impact of
    this practice?

Strategic Importance: Improving sustainability of Moba and our customers

Knowledge about the environmental impact of our machines can help us optimize our processes. For instance, if it turns out that flights for mechanics have a disproportionally high environmental impact, it may be worthwhile to investigate whether the amount of flights can be reduced, or whether we can work (even) more with local mechanics. After doing such investigations and taking actions, the environmental impact analysis can furthermore be used as a marketing tool, to differentiate Moba from its competitors.

Goal, methods and end result

Goal: Map out the environmental impact of an egg grading facility.

Methods: It is important to make use of internationally recognized and standardized methods, such as Life Cycle Analysis. However, the student is in the lead of selecting the right method. Information as input for this Life Cycle Analysis will need to be gathered from throughout the company, so interviewing colleagues is a major part of the internship.

End result: As an end result, we expect a report, at least outlining the main sources of environmental impact, and a set of initial suggestions to improve.

Required skills

The following skills are required for fulfilling this internship:

  • Experience with Environmental impact assessments
  • You take initiative and are capable of working independently
  • Academic background

Contact person: Vincent Grijze, of 0342 455 655