Thesis presentation on the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - USA

After months and months of work, in February 2016, Marit Noest finished her thesis on the coastal landscape of New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy. In the end, she got invited to present her project as a guest lecturer in the course ‘Desigining with Risk’ at UPenn.

Before she started the project, she already foresaw how the project would end; “All my hard work would end up in someones’ drawer and my supervisor would be the only one to read it.” She wanted her project to be more than that, so for that reason Marit decided to collaborate with a filmmaker. Together they performed a study, and made a film and a design. After all the time, effort, trial and errors that had shaped the project, they were finally ready to show it to the world in the spring of 2016. When Marit was also invited to show her project as a guest lecturer in the course ‘Desigining with Risk’ at UPenn, one of the best landscape architecture schools in the world, she couldn’t have been happier. Thanks to the University Fund Wageningen, Marit was able to travel back to the place of the fieldwork and film recordings to show the film to the people that had helped her so much the year before.

During a meeting with the Dean of Penn School of Design, he mentioned they will be expanding similar types of research starting next academic year. Hopefully this trip can open doors to more students from Wageningen University to experience the high quality learning environment of UPenn!