Thesis presentation wins 2nd price at the Netherlands Annual Ecology Meeting (NAEM) - Netherlands

Master students Esther Bügel and Bob Hendrikx both wrote their thesis about similar subjects in the ecology sector. They put themselves up to the challenge to combine their thesises into one poster presentation. They acquired the opportunity to present their poster at the NAEM and to give a presentation for all the participants of this meeting. The NAEM is an annual meeting of the Dutch ecology sector. The NAEM 2017 was the 10th edition of this event.

The subject of their combined poster was ‘Zoonotic vector-borne pathogen prevalence in relation to vector burden on Wood Mice and Bank Voles’. This poster and the presentation were viewed by a big and international crowd. Bob Hendrikx: ‘The presentation of Esther was so enthusiastic and clear that it left a lasting impression on the crowd’. Both master students also attended presentations of international guest speakers at this event. They gave presentations in the area of ecology and policy regarding ecology. ‘We learned a lot from the presentations at the NAEM, especially from the lecture of Willem Ferwerda regarding the importance of the transition from science to policy was very interesting’. At the end of this two day event, there was an award ceremony for the best presentation and the best poster of the NAEM. Although the students did not expect it, they won the second price for the best presentation of the NAEM!