Thesis presentations - Romania and Finland

The diversity of her thesis enabled Hanne Wiegel to present her project at two international conferences at the beginning of September 2016: the RN55 Sociology of Migration conference in Bucharest, Romania and the “Borderless Worlds Conference” in Oulu, Finland.

The fact that both conferences had a slightly different focus on the situation of refugees in Europe and the asylum regime, made it possible for her to present two different parts of her thesis. However, such conferences are unfortunately not costless. The University Fund Wageningen financially enabled Hanne to actually present her thesis at both conferences. Hanne’s thesis, written as part of her master International Development, was about citizen initiatives that develop housing alternatives for people in the asylum procedure.

“Experiencing the generally positive and supportive atmosphere at both conferences, as well as receiving very helpful feedback and comments for my own presentation and meeting other researchers who work in a similar field and who showed sincere interest in my research, were all factors that made me enjoy the conferences very much”. Also meeting PhD-students made it clear for Hanne that she wants to go into that direction. These experiences boosted Hanne’s plans to continue in science after graduation.